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Corner Stone Builders is your Pergola design and building expert. We have pioneered the use of various different building materials, stains, and equipment in order to create the ultimate quality Pergola. With excellence in craftsmanship each Pergola is cut, hand planed, routered and fastened. We use the highest grade lumbers, most corrosive resistant fasteners, and lifetime warranty paints and stains. You cannot go wrong with a Corner Stone Builders Pergola! We also offer a full line of vinyl Pergolas with up to a lifetime warranty!

Why a Corner Stone Builders Pergola?
  • Adds beauty and value to any home or business
  • More affordable that conventional patio covers
  • High return on investment if resale is an issue
  • Lifetime warranty finishes are used
  • All structures are warrantied
  • Termite, rot, and corrosion resistant
  • Many to choose from
  • Custom designing is available
  • Advanced technologies used unavailable to the general public
  • Patent pending on our advanced fastening system
  • Clear polyethylene used for roofing when requested
The "Athens" Pergola built with architectural glue lam beams made of Douglass Fir. Permacast columns offer solid structural support with elegance. This picture was taken while the pergola was unfinished to capture the beauty of the natural wood. The lattice and the two by sixes are made from local Yellow Pine Pressure Treated with MCQ and Kiln fried after treatment to accept stain or paint without having to wait for the treatment to dry.
The "Tuscan" Pergola offers a double band in 2x12s wrapped around 6x6 to 10x10 posts. This one is MCQ treated #1 grade yellow pine with a Roman Ogee style end cut. It is routed with a 1/2 round on the top work and a 3/4 round on the posts. This free standing "Tuscan" is located at Kingwood Landscape Supply in Kingwood. It serves as shade for all the shade tolerant flowers.
A post stand off is used primarily to keep the post from making contact with the ground. The prevents rot in long term use. Second, it can be used to anchor the post to the ground for stability and uplift prevention in coastal areas.
Our patent pending roof jack support sytem allows us to fasten the structural members of the Pergola to the structural members of the roof without penetrating the shingle! This allows you to keep your shingle warranty and never loose any sleep over the quality of your purchase.
Notice the fine craftsmanship on this "Custom Tuscan" style pergola with a French curve end cut. The posts on this are 10x10. This beautiful masterpiece is made of the finest #1 grade Western Red Cedar and sealed with a clear coat to preserve the natural hues.
The "Athens" with a lifetime warranty finish in bright white. This one has a clear roof on it. With two ceiling fans installed this is a mid-summers dream, even when its raining.
A Cedar "Tuscan" that mimics the curvature of the pool below. With the highstrength aluminum post stand offs, it is safe to have this near the pool.
A swing set and play structure designed in the "Tuscan" style for some back yard flavor mixed with fun for the kids. This is raw MCQ treated and kiln dried with no stain. It has 6x6 posts and the end cuts are Roman Ogee.
The Beautiful "Encinada" is an entry level Pergola offering elegance, shade and economy. This one was built using Western Red Cedar, it has a single 2x12 band with Ogee end cuts, no latticeon top, but added some custom bases at the bottom. The Pergola is now coverd in foliage.